Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So This is Happening

If you don't follow me on Instagram, and we aren't friends on Facebook, you may have missed out on this:

Confession: Instagram is full of Ellie videos & photos. It should honestly be her account.

Yes! We are having another baby!
Yes! We are excited!
Yes! I am terrified!  ...And excited!

The girls will be about 16 months apart, so that equals a lot of work fun for this momma. But I am up for it. The work and the fun. We wanted babies close together as Jordi & I both have sizable gaps in age between siblings, so yes, this was planned. I know they will be best friends and worst enemies as they grow and I hope to be a good example to both of them and learn how to keep the peace...and my sanity.

So yay! More cute babies!

I am really hoping for another easy-going baby as that would make things much more manageable, but I know in hoping for such things I will probably get just the opposite. Phooey. But as I am involved with adoption and have several friends who don't know if they will ever have biological children, I cannot and will not complain about being blessed with children and the opportunity to be a mother. Even on hard days, it is the greatest blessing and the purest joy.

As for pregnancy, I think this one has been the kindest yet! I have been really tired, but I usually lay down during one of Ellie's naps and that keeps me going. I am also working on finding an appropriate bedtime as being a night-owl is much harder with a baby who rarely sleeps in. And, as per usual, my skin is freaking out. I have many more face issues than normal, and I have those little bumps on the backs of my arms, I didn't have those before! I don't know why they decided to show up! But honestly, if these are the worst of my troubles, I know I'm a lucky duck.

Cravings have been fun thus far. I am finding I want something, I get it, and then I'm done with it. One that has stuck around the last few weeks is Clamato juice. It's just delicious. And I'll drink it with anything. Most unusual combination thus far: Clamato juice and a caramel chocolate bar.   Yum.

Anywho. I'll do my best to keep you posted. 
And maybe some day take a belly photo if I'm feeling thin.
yah right!

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